You did it. Ecosia searches will plant 26,446 trees in Australia!

On Thursday, we called on the Ecosia community to help Australia. So many of you used Ecosia and asked your friends to do the same. The result? We are now able to plant 26,446 trees in the Byron Bay area in New South Wales, which has been affected by the bushfires.

We will immediately begin to plant these trees with the NGO ReForest Now! We also have longer-term plans to restore this subtropical landscape by reforesting cleared land that is no longer used for agriculture.

Unlike other parts of Australia, rainforests in New South Wales struggle to regenerate naturally, which means your trees are desperately needed. They won’t just provide a habitat for wildlife—of which 1 billion have been lost, and many more forced out of their environments—but will also sequester some of the carbon released by the bushfires, clean the air, attract rainfall, and lower temperatures.

The planting will start in February in the Byron Bay area. If you live in that area and would like to help with the planting or nursery work, please contact ReForest Now.

We’re overwhelmed by the response we’ve seen over the last few days, and can’t thank you enough. Let’s keep up the momentum and reforest Australia, and the whole world, together.

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