A new tree every 60 seconds

What a milestone! Thanks to Ecosia users searching, shopping and spreading the word, we’re now planting one new tree every 60 seconds.

Pretty amazing to think that Ecosia is literally growing by the minute — a pace that’s letting us restore more than 10,000 trees to Brazil’s Atlantic Forest every week (that’s over 100,000 trees in the past 10 weeks!).

The news also means we’re well on our way to reaching the goal of one million trees planted in the next year with our official partner The Nature Conservancy. With about 2.5 million users worldwide, just think of what we could achieve with as many users as Google.

Keep up the good work. By searching, shopping and spreading the word about Ecosia, you’ve made this possible.

Congratulations on an incredible effort!

Your Ecosia Team

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