2015 was our most impactful year yet

2015 was Ecosias’s most impactful year yet since its founding six years ago. You helped us reach the planting of 3 million trees, we grew our team and your searches had a big positive impact on impoverished communities in Burkina Faso. See for yourself.

The images in the video above were taken in Lilengo, a village close to one of Ecosia’s planting sites in Burkina Faso. Ecosia started supporting this tree-planting project in Burkina Faso in early 2015.

Ever since, your searches have been contributing to turning the Sahel desert back into a forest. But most importantly, the tree-planting program has also had a positive social impact.

Because not only do these new trees bring water, plant and animal life back to the area, but the improvements lead to better health conditions for local people, more children in school and more women earning their own living.

What about next year?

In mid January we will release the first batch of an overall makeover of Ecosia’s look & feel.

And what about the tree planting project? Well, we already have many exciting things planned which may include adding more projects to support. But every good story has a nerve-wrecking cliffhanger, so don’t miss it.

Happy New Year,
Your Ecosia team

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