In November, we spent €440,925 on trees

We love being transparent with you. That’s why we’re going to start posting our monthly financial reports on our blog.* You can see exactly how much money Ecosia made from your searches, and what percentage of our revenue we used for our tree-planting projects.


Our costs fall into four sections; trees, reserves (or savings), running the business and spreading the word. In November 2018, we dedicated 80% of our profits (or 47% of our total revenue) towards reforesting the planet – that’s enough money to finance the planting of more than a million trees!


Of this, some money went to our partners in Peru, Progreso and some towards restoring mangroves in Madagascar along with Eden Reforestation Projects. We had some money left over, so we put €318,000 into our tree-planting fund, which serves as a buffer for rainy days.

You can browse all our previous reports here.

*Disclaimer: we publish reports with a six-week delay due to the many partners involved in accounting.

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