Designed for you, built for the planet: the new Ecosia Browser

Climate action should be free for everyone. So we’re really excited to share our new browser, with green features that make your daily browsing experience the simple way to have a lasting impact.

We set out to make the greenest browser on Earth, and here it is! Simply by browsing, shopping and searching, you can generate clean energy, plant trees in biodiversity hotspots around the world, and grow your impact with Ecosia. The addition of our desktop browser to our app lineup means you can be climate active wherever you are, on all your devices. Here’s what to expect.

Generate clean energy

Be climate active every day and help the world transition to clean energy, just by browsing. We’ll produce 25Wh of renewable energy every day that you browse — enough to power a lightbulb for 3 hours! We're already producing enough renewable energy to power all searches twice over. Now we can go even further, thanks to our continuous investments in solar power plants and other clean energy projects.

Access green features 

As well as generating clean energy, our browser is equipped with our green search engine and its features like the green leaf icon, climate pledge rating, and AI Chat. You can also shop more sustainably through our partner shops feature, contributing to our climate action projects when you shop online, at no extra cost to you.

Browse fast, stay private 

We’ve optimized for speed, loading pages up to three times faster than most mainstream browsers thanks to our inbuilt ad-blocker. Fewer ads also means you’re consuming less data and energy, so that’s a win for us all. We also protect your privacy by blocking trackers.


The Ecosia Browser is completely customizable and lets you choose a wallpaper from our reforestation projects, so you can forest bathe every day.

Move away from Big Tech

By choosing the Ecosia Browser, you’re not only choosing the planet, you’re also choosing to support a fairer, more sustainable internet. Plus, we put people and planet first, which you can see for yourself in our monthly financial reports.

Enjoy this latest addition to our ecosystem knowing that you’re part of a powerful environmental movement — and that we’ll continue to plant trees and restore biodiversity around the world, and invest in clean energy and other green initiatives, by using 100% of our profits for the planet. 

Download the planet’s favorite browser in less than 60 seconds and make a difference every day. Tell everyone you know to make the switch, so we can grow our impact together.

Get Ecosia for free and plant your first tree! Add Ecosia to Set as Homepage Search with Ecosia x