trees planted 2,583,097
hectares restored 2,286
since 2019

Trees to fertilize the soil

The increasing demand for cocoa is one of the main drivers of deforestation in many West African countries. Big cocoa monocultures lead to erosion, loss of biodiversity, and water pollution. Ancestral agroforestry techniques avoid these problems. They revitalize the soil by using fertilizer trees and allow farmers to abandon slash-and-burn agriculture, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. When crops and trees coexist, nature and people thrive.


Planting method

nurseries, assisted natural regeneration

Planting season


Main threats

Intensification of farming practices

Wildlife protected

Pollinators, Small mammals


Rural-urban migration

Top trees species

Theobroma cacao
Native Species
Samanea saman
Native Species
Albizzia stipulata
Native Species
Terminalia superba
Native Species
Terminanlia ivornesis
Native Species
Khaya grandifolia
Native Species

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