trees planted 4,919,000
hectares restored 1,266
since 2017

Coffee and trees

Cauca and Tolima were key areas during the decades-long armed conflict between the Colombian government and paramilitary forces. Following the peace agreement, these areas are undergoing a major transition. Your trees here are planted next to coffee crops, helping restore degraded land and offering local communities an alternative to mining activities or unsustainable livestock farming practices that would otherwise spread through the region.


Planting method

tree nurseries

Planting season

October-December, March

Main threats

Overgrazing, Mining

Wildlife protected

Frogs, Butterflies


Political instability, Former terrorist group area

Top trees species

Albizia carbonaria
Native Species
Cedrela odorata
Native Species
Tabebuia rosea
Native Species
Cordia alliodora
Native Species
Retrophyllum rospigliosii
Native Species
Quercus humboldtii
Native Species
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Photo credits: Foodorama for our project partners at PUR Projet

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