This Valentine’s Day, show your planet some love



Joshi is Ecosia's editorial lead. He likes this planet.

Forget roses! This Valentine’s Day, let someone know they’re special by planting trees for them. Go to our pop-up store to check out our Valentine’s special!

Your trees will connect forest patches, which allows wildlife to travel from one forest to another when looking for mates. Who said saving the planet wasn’t romantic?

After your purchase, we’ll send you a beautiful (and printable) certificate which you can send to your loved one(s). Your trees will help blue-and-yellow macaws in Brazil, chimpanzees in Uganda, rhinoceros in Indonesia, lemurs in Madagascar, elephants in India, and birdwing butterflies in Australia. We work with experienced local partners, such as the Jane Goodall Institute, and monitor your trees using satellite tech to make sure they survive.

Nothing says “I love you” like saving an elephant. Go to our pop-up store to buy trees for your loved one(s)!

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