Tree-Planting Update: Episode 19

We filmed our latest tree update on the mountains of southern Ethiopia during a recent visit to see your trees there. We spent time with a group of women’s co-operatives and visited their homes, where they have planted fruit trees they received as a benefit for their work in the nurseries. We also visited a two-year-old Ecosia forest to check on the density of the trees growing, and saw many examples of natural regeneration.

We will also use this method in Malawi, where we are helping farmers grow back trees using the public radio station.

The rainy season in Ethiopia has begun, but the rains in Peru just ended. Now, hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted in the highlands of Sierra Pura.

And finally, I want to tell you about our tree fund. In our financial reports, you will see that we invest some of our revenue into an internal savings account each month. Planting trees requires a lot of planning, and our tree fund ensures that we can reliably pay our partners each month regardless of fluctuations in income.

See you next month!

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