Tree-Planting Update: Episode 14

In this tree update, I’d like to tell you how your trees are doing around the world, as well as look ahead to what we aim to achieve in 2019.

We’ve hit exciting milestones in Madagascar and Indonesia this month. In Madagascar, together with Eden Reforestation Projects, we have now planted over 15 million mangroves to protect the island’s shores. In Borneo, Indonesia, we have planted over 700,000 trees in diverse forests that provide food and offer farmers a viable economic alternative to selling their land to the palm oil industry. Finally, it’s the rainy season in Morocco, which means your trees are now leaving the nursery to be planted in the field.

In this episode I also look ahead, to February, when we will plant our 50 millionth tree! But the journey doesn’t end there. In 2019, we’ll aim to further increase the impact of the trees your searches are planting.

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