trees planted 1,424,748
hectares restored 300
since 2018

Trees against poverty and malnutrition

In Senegal, we’re proving that trees and agriculture can coexist by helping smallholder farmers plant Forest Gardens. In a Forest Garden, different tree species – each playing a specific role – grow alongside a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Human lives improve as a result, because Forest Gardens produce more, and more diverse, food than monocultures. They also increase people's income by a staggering average of 400%. Monocultures are a colonial legacy in Senegal, and Forest Gardens help farmers adapt to climate change. This project is, in other words, a matter of climate justice.

Planting method

Nurseries, Forest gardens

Planting season


Main threats

Overgrazing, Mono-agriculture

Wildlife protected



Demand for groundnut monocropping

Top trees species

Parkinsonia aculeata
Acacia nilotica
Native Species Endangered
Acacia senegal
Native Species Endangered
Gliricidia sepium
Anacardium occidentale
Acacia melifera

Return of the Thiéboudienne

How trees brought back Senegal’s national dish
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