trees planted 1,267,794
hectares restored 392
since 2019

Regenerating soil and restoring wildlife routes

Climate change hits those least responsible for it the hardest. In Uttar Pradesh, your searches are empowering rural farming communities with efficient and sustainable agroforestry models that help them adapt to the effects of climate change. In Singhbum, your trees connect forest patches that restore elephant and tiger migration routes, all while improving forest-based livelihood opportunities for local communities.


Sustainable Green Initiative, Grow-Trees

Planting method

Tree nurseries

Planting season

January-February, July-September

Main threats

Unsustainable agriculture

Wildlife protected

Tigers, forest elephants


Overpopulation, infrastructue development
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Top trees species

Phyllanthus emblica
Native Species
Punica granatum
Native Species
Syzygium cumini
Native Species
Moringa oleifera
Native Species
Artocarpus heterophyllus
Native Species
Limonia acidissima
Native Species
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