The happiness experiment

It started with a second-hand hack of our office space, and turned into a constructive critique on office life.

We postured that if we want to add happiness and trees to the world, we must first cultivate these things at work.

So far, so good with the trees.


Just kidding, that’s not our office.


You may have noticed the trees have grown! So we took photosynthetic cues from them and got some sun ourselves on a recent field trip to Tempelhofer Feld...


…which inspired a slew of other offline activities, like monthly sustainability movie nights. Ecosia Ambassadors Tony and Peter are pictured here with our very own Fátima at last week’s screening of Once Upon a Forest.


Next, our mission statement, values and short-term goals went up on the bathroom wall.


Then, instead of eating out, we prepared a Kartoffeln & Quark lunch together (Greg did the salad).


It was delicious, but that afternoon’s food coma reminded us how nap/meditation time could also be awesome/healthy. So we equipped the office accordingly.


Soon Christian’s newfound freshness of mind and body inspired him to start experimenting with a series of mid-morning smoothies.



Christian actually began treating the team team twice a day – smoothies in the a.m. and cappuccinos in the p.m.. We have been most grateful for both.

Maybe it’s that gratitude. Maybe it’s the kind gestures. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the sun, the films, the rests or the meals together. In any case, we’d probably all agree that work has felt especially human lately.

So the happiness experiment continues: Now you tell us – what do you do to stay in balance?

Your (presently content) Ecosia Team

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