Come on in






Ecosiaplex got a makeover this March. We “hacked” our Berlin-based office with the help of some friends (thanks Deni!) and some second-hand materials.

We were already using LED lightbulbs to save on cash and carbon emissions (thanks, Christian). But we also added a curious array of plants, some all-purpose wine crates and the odd thinking chair. Would any startup headquarters be complete without an old ping-pong table-desk and some bright orange sofas? We apparently didn’t think so.

Well it’s been two months, and we’re pleased as punch with our new digs. In the meantime, we’ve been working to pass the imagination and ease pictured above on to your tree-planting, environment-helping, world-saving Ecosia experience.

Thanks for being our inspiration: we hope it won’t be long before the word “upcycling” is officially added to the English dictionary (or has this already happened?).

Your Ecosia Team

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