Ready to grow some more?

Our current tree-planting program in Burkina Faso has shown us what a powerful effect tree-planting can have, for the environment as well as for the communities involved.

That’s when we started wondering: How could we increase that positive impact in the world? What are other ways to empower communities to help themselves? Can we plant trees even faster?

That’s exactly what we want to find out. As your number of searches increases, so has our capacity to donate money for trees. In other words, it’s finally happening: Ecosia is ready to finance additional tree-planting programs!

We are currently looking into different projects and we will soon present to you a portfolio of programs that Ecosia will finance along our current one.

Each of the new planting projects has a different strength. Some concentrate on introducing permaculture methodologies; others use existing tree shrubs to regenerate dead forests and some others focus on planting trees that are even more efficient CO2-filters than others.

The new planting projects will focus on different regions, too. Some have similar climates as our current project in Subsaharan Africa, others will be located on tropical islands, others are stationed in the rainforest of South America.

Stay tuned on the blog and our website for more news very soon.


Your (very excited) Ecosia Team

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