Introducing freetree: our new browser extension that lets you plant trees while you shop online

You can plant even more trees than before — a whole lot more.

Planning to go away this summer and looking for trains and hotels? Or maybe you’re after new sunglasses or swimming trunks? You can now plant trees for free while you shop online for your upcoming summer holiday.

freetree, our new free browser extension, lets you plant trees while you’re on the website, not just when you’re searching for it. It allows you to plant trees while you shop at your favorite stores — without costing you a penny.

How it works

You probably know the cashback reward system. freetree works just like that except with freetree, instead of getting cash back, you get trees.

Once you’ve installed the freetree extension, our many partner stores will pay freetree a small commission every time you make a purchase at their stores. freetree passes 100% of its profits to Ecosia’s reforestation projects. None of this involves any extra costs for you.

Let's get started

Give it a go! Your favorite stores are probably already taking part.

And to get the freetree forest going, we will plant an additional tree for every person who joins freetree by July 15, 2022. So branch out and pass on the good news to your friends and family. To download freetree, click here. Or learn more about freetree.

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