Fall cleaning: Forestle, Znout and Treely discontinued

In the past, we’ve kept some smaller side projects running alongside Ecosia. Because these services aren’t used by many, and we’d like to focus our energy on Ecosia, we’ve decided to redirect them. Since the launch of the new version of Ecosia in August 2013, you can find everything you need to surf the web sustainably packaged in one neat, convenient website.

Concretely, this just means that Forestle, Znout and Treely will now be rerouted to Ecosia. Here’s a recap of the discontinued projects:

  • Forestle was the predecessor to Ecosia. Search queries to Forestle have been rerouted to Ecosia since 2011 — and now rerouting the entire site to Ecosia.

  • Znout was created in 2008 to offer a CO2-neutral search from Google. Since its relaunch in August 2013, Ecosia offers CO2-neutral Google results as well. To minimize maintenance costs, we have deactivated Znout.

  • Treely was created in 2010 to allow online shoppers to plant trees. We have since integrated this feature into Ecosia via EcoLinks. Former Treely users can now shop and plant trees via Ecosia.

We’d like to send our heartfelt thanks out to the users of Forestle, Znout and Treely for your longtime support. We hope you’ll have just as much fun using Ecosia to search and shop green in the future!

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