Your searches, secured

The internet can be a wild place. That’s why we hired these cowboys to secure Ecosia’s proverbial door.

OK, so our security isn’t quite like that. But Ecosia is now running SSL by default – which means your searches are always protected from snooping as they travel between you and Ecosia.

How does SSL work? It transforms your search queries into a unique ‘language’ that can’t be understood without the key (also known as encryption). Then only your browser and Ecosia’s servers are granted access to that key.

How do you know SSL is running? Depending on your browser, you might see “https” instead of “http” in the URL bar – or a padlock symbol will appear when you search.

Either way, you can rest assured your searches always travel incognito from your computer to our servers, and back again. And if strangers to these-here parts try anything funny along the way?

They’ll have our Arizona bouncers to contend with (and believe us, you don’t want flak from these guys).

Your (protective) Ecosia Team

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