We’re already at 2 million trees!

You did it again! The Ecosia Community just reached its next big milestone – the funding of 2 million new trees. And while we had no doubt you busy bees would eventually make it happen, we’re certainly impressed by your speed.

It took us a year and three months to achieve the first million. You’ll see in last month’s Business Report though, that you made the second million trees happen in just 8 months!

Two million trees. That’s a big number, but if you can imagine New York City’s Central Park multiplied 5.7 times over, that’s about what you’ve helped to reforest by using Ecosia. Kind of impressive, isn’t it?


And because we’re always listening to you, we launched a monthly newsletter in April to keep you updated on Ecosia’s progress and news from our tree planting program in Burkina Faso.

You can also follow this blog, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Until then, congratulations Ecosians! We couldn’t be prouder of you, our fast-growing community.

The Ecosia Team

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